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Past Retreats

Past Retreats

To present, Sentlhane Retreats have organized and hosted multiple retreats. All of these retreats have had a different purpose, designed for a different group of people, and co-created with a different set of partners. They have greatly informed our vision and how we run our retreats, and we are forever grateful for these past experiences.

Here's a sampling from our past.

Work from Gaborone


40 entrepreneurs came together for a 30-day coworking retreat at Sentlhane. The connections from that trip have remained strong, and that experience has shaped nearly every person one way or another. This was also a deep learning experience to test our model, locations, amenities and our value proposition, which we are committed to improving each step of this journey.


"You have this combination of things, it's not just working from another place, it's having this environment that helps you be more creative and pumped up to work."

- Kabo Kabelo

Kabo is the managing director of a leading law firm in Botswana, and has remained close friends with several people since then.

"It's a better work environment than I think I could ask for anywhere."

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