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Do you need experience in any specific fields for your retreats?
Some experience in yoga is definitely a plus, but not necessary. Most programs are enjoyed by beginners and intermediate yogis.

Why are retreats in silence?
Once your course begins, you will be asked to honor what is known as 'noble silence' : a quieting of the body and voice that helps cultivate a calm and peaceful retreat environment. This powerful tool greatly enhances the deepening of concentration and awareness. Noble silence also fosters a sense of safety and spiritual refuge, even in a course filled with up to 100 participants.

Our facilitators request that you not engage in other forms of communication while on retreat. Please turn off your cell phones for the duration of your stay and leave behind your laptops, iPods, iPads and other communication devices so that you can commit to your retreat wholeheartedly and reap the benefits of that commitment. Noble silence includes not reading, writing, keeping a journal, receiving mail, or otherwise keeping busy and distracted. By leaving at home the many activities and communications that worldly life entails, you offer yourself the gift of stillness.

Please give our office number to a family member or close friend to use in case of emergency so you do not have to check your cell phone. If you have fragile or dependant family members that you need to stay in contact with, please notify our office so arrangements can be made.

Silence is broken at the end of Retreat Center courses, in time to allow you to talk and share your experience with other participants.

Is a retreat appropriate for me at this time?
An intensive silent retreat can be a positive and life transforming experience. At the same time, meditation practice can be strenuous and requires some stability of physical and psychological health.

What if I get sick on retreat?
While our wish is to provide all who come on retreat at Sentlhane with an environment most conducive to deepening meditation practice, there are practical limitations regarding the level of support we can reasonably offer.

Can I smoke?
Smoking is only permitted in a designated outdoor smoking area. Smokers must bring all their own tobacco supplies. To minimize odors we ask you to wash your hands after smoking and not to wear smoke-filled clothing in the meditation hall. Smoking is not permitted indoors or elsewhere on the grounds or in the woods.

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